Argentina’s one loss is a record drop in fan tokens

Did the anti-Argentine team think that the worst nightmare is waiting for Lionel Messi against Saudi Arabia? But this is now reality, beating the imagination.

ফিফা বিশ্বকাপ 2022 সময়সূচী – FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

Saudi Arabia created one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history by beating Argentina 2-1 at the iconic Lucille Stadium yesterday. In the first half, captain Messi went ahead with a penalty goal, but after the break, Diego Maradona’s successors were stunned by digesting 2 goals in a five-minute ‘desert storm’.

After that loss, the hearts of many Argentine fans around the world were broken, the news of the death of a supporter in Comilla, Bangladesh also came in the media. Just what? Gamblers bet on Argentina’s side, picking up up to 36 percent of Fan Tokens. This is the record fall in their fan token Etios!

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