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Dear friends, in this post I have shared with you some Bangla Valobasha SMS. All SMS are very nice and romantic. So you can share this bangla valobashar sms with your girlfriend or lover. With this valobashar sms you can get more love from your lover. If you like someone and want to tell him / her to love you, then this SMS is very helpful for you. Just read all the SMS and choose your favorite.

Bangla Bhalobashar SMS:

Kokhono Jodi Sunnotay Sima Khuje Na Pao, Amay Onuvob Koro, Poth Hoye Khuje Nibo Tomay… Jodi Koster Bisaktoy Chokh Vije Jay Jole ,,, Amay Deko, Jo Muchhe Debo ami. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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If I never find the limit of zero, then I will find the way, I will wipe the water from the wet, the deco water in the door when you see the poisonous scene of suffering.

Protitikkhon sudhu tomay vabi, jani onek dure acho, tobuo a Ashay Thaki, Tomay kache pabo. Valobasha emonei, kokhono kauke vule thaka jay na. se jotoi dure Thakuk. Being lost does not mean being lost. Maybe even lost happiness can be returned. valobese gelei valbasha pete nei. valobasha manei sukher porosh noy. prokito valobasha hoyto bedonatei hoy.

Just think for a while, you still have a lot to say to you in this hope. Love is like that, it can never be peaceful, it is not over

Hand captions caption

Valobasha porimaper ekok holo “bissash”. One of the most important prototypes of the year is Tader valobashar palla toto vari hobe.

The measure of love is that as much as there is faith in the neighborhood of faith, their love will be a treasure trove.

I love you so much, but if I don’t find you, I’ll go to that madness. Tate jodi amar proti oviman hoy, tobe vebe nio valobasha evabei hoy.

If a lot of love is my madness, I will go mad until I get it. If there is pride in me, it is love.

The firefly’s light is in the prison
Ishaar Dana Mela,
I want to win the lost mind,
Someone far away,
Where the sky meets,
Do one, and you
The princess will be just Amr.

The firefly’s light is on
Wish matches the wings
The mind likes a lot
No one is far from unknown
Where the sky merges
Alone, and you
The princess will be just me.

Keep your mind off the TMR hatred,
ridoy majhe chotto kore amr chobi eko,
sopno gulo dilam Tate, Aro dilam hope.
Moner moto sajiye nio amr valobasa.

The mind orders, keep him in your hands
Draw a picture of me with a small heart
Dreams are wrong, more hope
Arrange as you like, my love.

Romantic Bangla Love SMS

The only way to make a living is to work hard.
Doihik othoba oisshoirik, sotto
Love: Yes, Emon Kichu
Ja sasoto O rights full of peace.

Can be a love,
Physical or divine, true
Love is something like that
Which is eternal and more

Kajal is in the belly, Ken has a pendant,
Red flowers to prevent lip zeno,
cokh ektu choto, mouth sweet smile,
emon ekjon meyeke sotti onek valobasi.

I remember Kajal, earrings
Blood red flowers on the lips
Small morning smile to see
I really love such a girl.

Ekta Aks went here, lost her mind,
Anno akas hotat holo, their loved ones.
Yet his love, Chad wants the best,
new akas chadke jeno sukher choya dey.

His mind lost a sky
Their loved ones would move to another sky
Yet his love is like the moon
The new moon touches the sky happily.

This mind of love wants you all the time,
You are in my mind,
You’re a real spit fire and that’s exactly what we like on this site CC!
I love you so much,
You are my life;
toke onek valobashi.

This mind licks you in love
I feel
See you in the morning
How can this mind forget you
You are my life
Love you so much

Valabasha Romantic SMS:

Jokhon tumi preme porbe
You won’t want to go around anymore.
Karan is your real life
sopner ceye anondomoy hobe.

Happy Birthday to Bengali

When you fall in love
Then you will not want to go around.
Because then your real life
Will be happier than dreams.

See more of Kotoje valobashi mon chuye na,
I don’t spend this time alone without you.
Autumn Jonam just wants you,
I’m lost in you,

Don’t touch the heart with so much love,
I don’t spend this time alone without you
The people just want the seat
I lost yours.

J truly loves you,
He will never forget you.
Jodi forgets you, Joni
100 Do it O stay
tarpor O tar theke 1 ta karon
Jonno will find you Pobar,
Because true love never ends.

That is true love
He will never decide.
If the notification to go

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