International friendly 5 – Brazil lost by 1 goal to the hosts

International friendly 5 – Brazil lost by 1 goal to the hosts

International hosts beat hosts 5-1 at a World Cup stadium in Seoul, South Korea.

The only teams to qualify for the 2022 tournament are South Korea and Brazil. Brazil, the world power team of five countries, has started the final round with this match played day after day.

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In the seventh minute of the opening match, Braj got into their artistic game. At this time the host team north of the market. Huang Wei Xu scored from a great teammate. The visiting camp got a penalty in the 42nd minute. The big star quickly led the team 2-1 from the end.

Titi’s disciples get a chance to increase the gap. But Thiago Siva is at the head of Neymar’s boss. Casimiro’s shot returns to the barpost from the stand-alone. Still visitors try. As a result, the balance is maintained with a 2-1 goal lead.

Brazil attacked one after another in the second half of the match. Neymar scored another goal from the penalty spot in the 57th minute. This was Neymar’s 63rd goal in the national jersey. He is only 4 goals behind our Golder.

Philippe Coutinho in the 75th minute of the match. Two minutes later, Hali completed the ball in the net of South Korea again. Then the last goal came from the feet of Gabriel Jesus. Brazil, the world community of the five groups, has entered the field with the aim of winning by a big margin of 5-1 goals.

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