Lionel Messi 2022 World Cup stats and history: Goals, assists and more for Argentina lege

He’s one of the greatest men of all time, but unlike his awe-inspiring power on the pitch, he’s a troubled man off it. As a child prodigy with incredible footage of the Argentine superstar, this is the Messi you’ve never seen before.

School friends describe how a shy boy with a growth hormone deficiency attracted crowds from the age of nine, while former team-mates Cesc Fabregas and Xavi were Messi’s answer in the dressing room.

Former Argentina teammates Pablo Zabaleta, Javier Mascherano and Hernán Crespo provide in-depth interpretations of Messi’s story. Argentina’s all-time leading scorer had to deal with a constant force of forwards while Diego Maradona’s controversial figure universally favored the South American nation.

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Updated after Argentina’s semifinal win vs. Croatia.

Stat Total Rank amongst 2022 World Cup players
Goals 5 =1st
Expected goals (xG) 4.75 1st
Assists 3 =1st
Expected assists (xA) 1.63 3rd
Shots 27 1st
Shots on target 14 1st
Shot conversion rate 18.5% =57th
Chances created 18 1st
Dribbles completed 16 2nd
Dribble success rate 50% =57th
Touches in opposition box 35 3rd
Successful passes 249 21st
Passes played into the box 38 4th
Total carries 124 6th
Progressive carries 68 8th
Duels won 40 =1st

How many goal contributions did Messi have at previous World Cups?

At the 2022 World Cup, Lionel Messi is set to join just one of a handful of footballers to have played in five different editions of the competition.

To date, he’s played 19 times across four World Cups, with his best finish coming in 2014. That time around, Argentina got all the way to the final, where they were beaten 1-0 after extra-time by Germany.

Lionel Messi 2014

Overall, the ex-Barcelona regular has scored in four of these tournaments, although he has only ever scored in a knockout stage victory.

Perhaps his best goal came against Naia in the first tournament of 2018 where he masterfully controlled the ball past a stubborn goalkeeper for that crucial Dur-Die leader.

In addition to his civic goals, he also recorded five assists in the group.

Lionel Messi World Cup history

Games played 25
Goals 11
Assists 8
Win rate 69.5%
Knockout matches won 8
Best finish Finalist (2014)
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